When Did I Forget?

When did I forget the reason I entered the Social Services field? When did I start thinking that serving myself was better than serving at-risk children and youth? Around the same time I started to forget about God.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been struggling in my relationship with God. I briefly mentioned how this has been affecting my personal relationships and mental health.In the next few posts, I am going to elaborate more on the specific aspects of my life that are suffering because of my lack of relationship with my Heavenly Father.

One main area that has been affected is my career. Without divulging too much information, I will tell you that I work in the social services field. Specifically with children and youth in foster care, with behavioural, mental health or addiction concerns. My job can vary depending on the day and the clients we have in the program. It can range from everyday household duties such as cleaning, cooking or doing laundry to crisis intervention, behaviour management techniques and just being there to support the clients through something they are going through.

One thing I have learned this past year in my career is that behaviour always has a purpose. When I am working in a home with a child or youth that has gone through some serious traumatic experience and is acting out, I have to remind myself that they need something. Whether they need attention or just to get their feelings out, they haven’t necessarily learned the best way to do that. Maybe all they’ve seen is violence; so that’s why they’re throwing eggs, frying pans, chairs, or basically anything else at me. Maybe all they’ve ever been told are insults; so that’s why they’re calling me things a 13-year-old should never hear, let alone say.

This job is not something anyone can do. I have seen many people come and go within the first few months, even weeks or days of beginning the job. It’s hard. It’s sad. It makes me want to scream and cry for these kids. It’s almost a daily occurrence that I wonder “Why am I doing this?”

So why am I doing this? Why am I putting myself through agony to help these children and youth? I have been struggling with this for a while now. Now that I have started to pursue my relationship with God again, I am starting to remember why I do it.

I do it because God calls me to it. God calls us all to it in some way, shape or form. God does not call everyone to pursue a career in the social services field. By doing it, I am showing God’s love. I am taking care of the orphans in distress. I am serving with my arms open wide. I am exhausting myself in order to take care of others.

God might be calling you to spend some time with the child down the street that catches the bus outside your house, whom you know comes from a not-so-great home. He might be calling you to donate to a children’s ministry. Whatever it may be, I encourage you to pray for what God is calling you to do. Pray that He will open your eyes to this calling.

Whatever God is calling you to do, please do it. The Bible tells us to look after orphans and widows in their distress (James 1:27). There are so many children and youth that are struggling. So many that are in foster care, group homes, homeless shelters. So many children that for one reason or another, don’t have a family. They don’t know the love of Jesus Christ. I have been overly exhausted because I have been forgetting about my relationship with the one who fills my cup. The one that gives me strength. I will forever be thankful that He never leaves nor forsakes me.





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